We provide workshops dedicated specifically to engineers, inspectors and key personnel of entity responsible for oversight.

The courses are conducted in-house and remotely, enabling the training objectives to be achieved regardless of the location.

Lectures, workshops, discussions

– we employ all kinds of methods to demonstrate nuances within:

  • the public procurement system,
  • public procurement conduct issues,
  • and FIDIC conditions of contract.

The training is conducted by attorneys-at-law from the Zaborowska Law Firm,

who go further than the theoretical issues and present valuable and real-life examples. Our trainers also include engineers and inspectors from the construction industry. Workshops are open to an unlimited number of attendees. We have conducted both individual sessions and training for 240 people. 

We have provided training in public procurement issues for more than 15 entities responsible for oversight.


Since 2013 Agnieszka Zaborowska has been providing training to the mining industry members during the „Public Procurement School” event. The trainees value her professional approach, extensive legal and economic expertise as well as practical workshop format of her training sessions.
Janusz Olszowski the president of Polish Mining Chamber Industry and Commerce
Agnieszka Zaborowska is a speaker at the Public Procurement Law Congresses held by the „Contracting Party. Public Procurement in Practice” magazine. Not only has she proved her in-depth knowledge of the law but extensive practical experience in the subject matter. Resources she prepares for the attendees provide invaluable guidelines in everyday public procurement work.
Witold Jarzyński „Contracting Party. Public Procurement in Practice” publisher