Agnieszka Zaborowska


Agnieszka handles the largest infrastructure tenders in Poland and Europe, worth tens of billions of zlotys.

The sectors in which Agnieszka mainly handles assignments are: construction, IT, energy sector, medical sector, education.

She has unique experience in the legal market, developed in her role as the member of key personnel of the entity responsible for oversight of work performed for the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad). This has made her an expert in FIDIC conditions of contract.

She represents clients before

the National Appeals Chamber and courts.

Speaks at scientific congresses

and conferences and is a lecturer in postgraduate courses in public procurement.

Agnieszka has written

a number of industry articles published in the national press.

Member of supervisory boards

of state-owned companies.

Agnieszka advises private and public entities

at all stages of the public procurement procedure, as well as in the course of implementation of agreements.

Not only does this require excellent knowledge of the law, but profound understanding of technology, including modern solutions.

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