We provide workshops specifically tailored to economic operators, their subcontractors and their employees.

ourses are conducted in-house and remotely, enabling the training objectives to be achieved regardless of location.

Lectures, workshops, discussions

– we employ all kinds of methods to demonstrate nuances within:

  • the public procurement system
  • public procurement realisation issues, and
  • FIDIC conditions of contract
We have conducted
individual training, and training for a group people.


Agnieszka Zaborowska has demonstrated excellent knowledge of the subject matter and know-how. She is also skilled at establishing a rapport with the group, resulting in the information being conveyed intelligibly with attention to detail. The participants are given practical and valuable tips that address the real issues they deal with.
Janusz Olszowski President of the Polish Mining Chamber of Industry and Commerce
Agnieszka Zaborowska speaks at Public Procurement Congresses organised by the journal “Contracting Authorities. Public Procurement in Practice”. As a speaker, she has demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the law, and above all of practice as well. The materials prepared for the participants provided valuable tips on working in public procurement.
Witold Jarzyński publisher “Contracting Authorities. Public Procurement in Practice”