We are able to:

  • Conduct the procedure on behalf of and for the contracting authority (acting as attorney-in-fact)
  • Provide lawyers, engineers and inspectors to be part of a tender committee

Record of procedures

Agnieszka Zaborowska’s track record of procedures in which she has acted for the contracting authority or been a member of the tender committee:

  • Construction work with delivery and installation of medical equipment in connection with the opening of the Zagłębiowski Oncology Centre,
    of a value of PLN 168 m.
  • Purchase of postal service sorting machinery for the Polish Mail,
    of a value of PLN 43 m.
  • Reconstruction of some facilities at the Witelon State University of Applied Sciences in Legnica following a fire, of a value of PLN 15 m.
  • Audit of the financial statement of the Polish Mail and audit of the consolidated statement for the Polish Mail Capital Group, of a value of PLN 3 m.